Outdoor Driver Training

The Canadian Centre of Public Safety Excellence can offer its clients access to a unique driving training area. The Atlantic Police Academy, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Canada Border Services Agency, JVI Driver Training, Moncton Motor Sports and many other impressive organizations have used our superb driver-training facilities at the Summerside Airport located in Slemon Park, and you can too.

The airport’s two de-commissioned runways and taxiways are perfect for establishing various kinds of driver-training courses. This is also an ideal facility for driver education and vehicle testing of all kinds.

These organizations have found the Summerside Aiport/Slemon Park the ideal venue for their activities, not only because of the excellence of the facilities themselves but also because of the convenience.

Canadian Centre of Public Safety Excellence offers the onsite Slemon Park Hotel and Conference Centre, the Canada Games Sports Centre, and Anson’s Restaurant & Bar, so your participants have access to everything they will need for short-term or long-term training courses.

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