Correctional Officer


Correctional Officers monitor, supervise and interact with incarcerated offenders. Responsibilities include supervision of inmate movement, escorting inmates both in and outside the institution, searching cells, living units, and inmate cell extraction when necessary. Other duties may include verification of safety equipment, completion of daily logs and reports, communications with inmates and visitors alike. There is also a call to assist an inmate to transition into law-abiding citizens before release.

This intensive program includes training in the duties and role of a Correctional Officer, direct supervision, communications techniques, corrections and the Canadian justice system, principles of human relations, sociology, psychology, as well as, control tactics and bean bag shotgun deployment.

Duration: 24 weeks
Begins in: September

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All of the full time programs, offered at the Canadian Centre of Public Safety Excellence, require cadets stay in the residential dormitory provided during their training, excluding the on the job component of the program.

The residence provides experiential learning that would not be possible if students interacted with one another in an instructional setting alone. Residence life allows students to develop skills in teamwork, problem solving, time management and communications. It further enhances the development of gender and cross-cultural sensitivity, which are essential to a successful career in the public safety community.

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